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Why R.O. Writer?

Why Choose R.O. Writer?

Create Estimates in 60 Seconds with Smart eCat

We understand how important it is to quickly provide your customers with accurate estimate information. R.O.Writer™ features the tools to help you do just that! The average time it takes to call a parts house, get prices and create an estimate is 10 minutes. It can take as long as 20 minutes depending on the amount of parts. We can help you do it in 60 Seconds!

  • Fast Parts Pricing
  • Fast Labor Lookup
  • Accurate Parts Markup
  • Automatic Additional Labor Suggestions
  • 1 Click Parts Ordering

Increase Your Profits

R.O.Writer helps you find the pennies and dollars that swing your shop from a loss to a large profit. AMS is confident that when switching to R.O.Writer, we can increase your shop’s net profit by over $1000 / month. R.O.Writer™ helps your shop consistently work from a profitable place!

Examples of how R.O.Writer can help you make more profit:

Parts – Lost parts, parts not charged for, core returns, tracking parts credits, are just a few examples of where R.O.Writer helps your shop add more dollars to the bottom line. By tracking parts as they come in and out of your shop, you control one of your largest expenses.

  • Linear Part Pricing – RO Writer’s Linear Parts Pricing is the industry leader in optimizing your parts margins. This feature alone raises your parts margin by 2-4% over existing Matrix pricing without increasing your multiples.
  • Part Tracking – RO Writer helps you control one of your largest expenses by tracking parts as they come in and leave your shop, including tracking part returns and core returns.

Labor – R.O.Writer features powerful labor tracking and reporting tools that help you work closer with your technicians on productivity. Monitoring technician productivity is the first step to billing more hours; R.O.Writer has the tools to help you create motivational programs for your production staff.

  • Smart Labor Pricing – Applies the same principles of Linear parts pricing to your Labor pricing, allowing you to automatically markup labor for more complex jobs, like Diagnostics. The additional profit will fall straight to your bottom line.
  • Labor Tracking and Reporting – RO Writer features powerful labor tracking and reporting tools that help you work closer with your technicians to increase their productivity. And increasing technician productivity is the first step to billing more hours.

Finding the Hidden Profits – We are experts in helping you find the hidden profits in your business. Contact us for a Business Analysis today, and we can help you add more dollars to the bottom line immediately!

Boost Your Shop’s Productivity

Technician productivity, billable time, and service advisors performance is at the core of creating more profits in the business. The Peter Drucker quote “What gets measured, gets done” is very true for technicians and service advisors. R.O.Writer’s™ simple to use, and accurate reporting allows the shop owner to monitor daily performance. With access to up to the minute information, shop owners can easily develop performance based compensation plans, incentive and bonus systems and most importantly, help their employees be the best they can be.

  • Detailed Performance Reporting
  • Reporting By Departments Or Individuals
  • Easily Compare Past Performance
  • Project Performance Increase Results


Increase Your Car Count

R.O.Writer™ features a powerful built-in Customer Retention Management system to help you stay in touch with your customers. Your follow-up database integrates seamlessly with customizable email and marketing letters. Send oil change reminders, schedule inspection reminders a year out, the possibilities are endless!

  • Send Reminders By E-mail
  • Customizable e-mail reminders
  • Mileage And/Or Time Based Reminders
  • New Customer Thank You Notes
  • Print Post Cards/Letters Or Both
  • Track Customer Visits
  • Powerful Customer Activity Reporting


Collect Receivables Faster

Making sure you get paid is our goal. We know small businesses depend on cash flow. RO Writer’s™ receivables tracking and invoicing system makes it easy to see and track anyone who owes you money. Leaving tickets open on your Work in Progress screen is not the right way to handle receivables. Failure to follow up with customers who owe money in a timely manner is one of the most common problems that shop owners have. RO Writer helps you track receivables and get paid on time!

  • E-mail Statements directly from RO Writer!
  • 3rd party billing for Fleet accounts
  • Post Payments and assess finance charges
  • Track your A/R balances and Aging