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The Experts at AMS make it Easy to learn how to get the most from your R.O. Writer Investment.

AMS provides more R.O. Writer training than any other organization across the U.S. Our expertise stems from auto shop management experience, as well as advanced software skills. We’ll make you an R.O. Writer pro in no time. We are continuing to offer our training sessions to assist you in getting the most return on your R.O. Writer investment. Learn/enhance skills you can apply in your business. Classes are held at our Training Center located at 118 Salem Towne Court, Apex, NC 27502. They are scheduled from 9-4pm with lunch included. We will call to get a copy of your data to use during training only. We offer three classes designed for both business owners and R.O. Writer users. Below is a brief description of each offering

Class Descriptions

Daily Users Class (2 days) – $358
This class is the meat and potatoes for any staff member who works in R.O. Writer regularly, especially the folks at your front counter. Each user will train on a computer loaded with your shop’s data, for real-life applicability. We’ll show you how to pull up the info you need quickly, and get the greatest benefits from all the modules and tools. We have recently combined the Daily User and Smart Ecat classes into a single 2 day class, in order to better cover everything a service writer will need to know. About 25-30% of the overall class is on Smart Ecat, and how it can make your estimating quicker, easier, and more accurate. If your shop does not currently use Smart Ecat, you will want it by the end of this class!

The valuable skills you’ll acquire include:

  • Managing the work-in-progress screen
  • Customer flow, and communication options
  • Generating estimates
  • Set up and use Smart eCat
  • Create Smart Jobs
  • Using the checklist for Recommended Services
  • Scheduler
  • Tips and Tricks
  • …and much more!

Owners Class – $199
Ready to take your business to new heights of success? In this class we’ll drill into the numbers to evaluate how you are doing. Whether you think you are on track, or you know there are leaky buckets costing you money, we can help you understand what to measure, and how to evaluate the data from your shop. You will be sitting in front of your database, so this isn’t theoretical, you will be looking at your actual numbers during the discussions.

This class is a rare opportunity for you to sit in a room with other Auto shop owners, who face the same challenges as you, that have come up with different solutions to face them. This is always the most interactive class, and you will learn as much from the other owners as you will from AMS.

This class can cover any topic, depending on the desire of the attendees, but the core topics include:

  • Pricing
  • Reporting
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Tips and Tricks

R.O. Writer is a very powerful tool, and a little time spent training will pay huge dividends.


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On Site Training at your Shop – $145/hr, or an 8 hour day for $995 + travel costs
One of the AMS training specialists will come to your shop to conduct onsite training for all your employees using your database. This training can cover any and all topics, from training a new user, to advanced reporting for owners. Depending on shop location, additional travel costs may apply.
3 hour minimum.

Remote Training using Screen Share – $145/hr, or 10 hours for $995
For this training, TeamViewer screen sharing will be used so the AMS trainer can see your screen, and help provide you with training in your real world environment. This training can cover any and all topics, from training a new user, to advanced reporting for owners.

Classes on the Road – Price TBD
In addition to the above training options, we have received several customer requests to hold trainings in various geographic areas. We can take any of the above classes on the road, and hold them at a local hotel or even at a shop if an owner would like to host a class. Minimum class size is 8 attendees. If you would like a class to be held in your area, please let us know your location, how many attendees you would have, and which classes you would like to attend.