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AMS helps R.O. Writer users nationwide with training, customization, reporting, and creates a
community of shop owners nationwide.

R.O. Writer Advanced Training

  • Onsite and remote webinars
  • Group classes in the Apex, NC classroom
  • Online video resources
  • Save 30% on a 10 hour block of training!

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AMS offers CUSTOMIZATION for repair orders

  • Logos
  • Watermarks
  • Barcodes
  • Custom Colors
  • Better Formatting


AMS offers a number of Excel based custom reports that pull data out of your RO Writer database and presents it in a way that’s easier to analyze. If you’re a numbers person, and enjoy using excel, you will love these reports!

  • Shop performance report
  • ROs by day of the week
  • Multi-store KPI report
  • Fleet service analysis report
  • Sales associate ID report
  • ROW database cleanup
  • Email export tool and more!
  • Parts in progress report
  • Tire sales by customer
  • Large ticket sell sheet
  • Labor by pay date report
  • Saturday business report



AMS User’s Group Forum on Facebook

We have found that many R.O.Writer users want to get more out of their R.O. Writer Program and many have advanced questions which can sometimes be better answered by other R.O. Writer users. These shop owners want more detailed reports, and want to learn more through online classes, and connect with each other. To that end, the AMS User’s Group is a resource for R.O. Writer Users, which provides access to custom reports, online classes, and membership in the AMS User’s Group on Facebook.

  • AMS Moderated Facebook Group: AMS User’s Group
  • Members only access to AMS expertise
  • Access to custom reports

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  • Oil change sticker printers and refill kits
  • Accounting link – Sends data to Quickbooks as noted on attachment
  • Cash drawer
  • Bar code scanner
  • Tech time clock


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AMS Offers Marketing Training & Services

Our AMS Marketing Specialist, with 15+ years of shop marketing experience, will help you put your marketing module to work and get more cars into your shop. We offer help with setup and training of your marketing module, custom postcards, declined services report, marketing reports, and more.

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